A well -groomed beard is a statement of pride but without the right product you could be sporting a dry, scruffy, patchy beard smelling of yesterday’s onions!


The good news is our FINO Beard Oil can be used to LIGHTLY moisturise your face neck and head!


This light, non-greasy product, with natural fragrances is packed with beard boosters that will improve your grooming and sharpen your style.   

How does it work

FINO Beard Oil is rich in Vitamins B and E, both known to encourage hair growth and strength. The CoActive blend of botanicals and natural essential oils including Sweet Almond and Jojoba locks in moisture and protects against brittle hair. Sandalwood, Black Pepper, Vetiver and Orange oils improve your overall beard health and add moisture. Daily massage with FINO Beard Oil will keep you beard in shape and keep the skin under the hair in tip - top health and bump and dry-flake free. Promoting healthy beards and skin.