Daily cleansing of facial skin and beards is a must, but problems can arise when the skin and/or beard is left feeling dry and looking dull due to too much soap.


FINO Face and Beard Wash keeps beards hygienic and conditioned with the added benefit of stimulating growth by increasing blood flow to the roots of the hair.

FINO Face & Beard WASH

This alcohol and soap-free, non-drying, foaming gel wash leaves skin and beard feeling clean and hydrated and smelling fresh.  

How does it work?

Containing Vitamin E and infused with our unique CoActive blend of botanical essential oils like Sandalwood, Vetiver and Black Pepper, FINO Face & Beard Wash protects against moisture loss while gently cleansing skin of daily grime, sweat, impurities and pollutants. This wash also has anti-inflammatory properties and assists in controlling bumps and ingrown hair as well as flakes on the beard