we believe in what people say about our skincare range

We’re so lucky to count everyone from celebrities to award-winning makeup artists, journalists and of course, you, as our FINO fans. Here’s what everyone has had to say.

wayne samson -  Director/Stylist, Bloomsbury Hair, Johannesburg, South Africa

I would just like to thank you for a most amazing product. I have a very sensitive skin and shaving has always been a nightmare experience. I used to shave at least two hours before going out, in order not to have a ‘turkey neck’, all red and sore looking. As a hairdresser, I have to appear as health and beauty conscious as possible and now I can shave every day and feel more comfortable with the way I appear. The instant relief of the rash I have had to live with since the age of 14, when I started shaving, is better than a strong cup of coffee in the morning. It also has great moisturising properties. I will definitely be telling some of my friends and clients about it!

Paul du Toit -  Actor – Binnelanders TV Series

As an actor means I have to have to first shave and then have make up applied daily. These two rituals do not combine well especially once I start sweating under the lights! The result has always been an irritated skin and a neck resembling a pizza. Since I started using FINO Soothe – I’m very happy to say that these are now problems of the past. My skin is healthy and blemish free. Thank you to FINO Cosmetics.

Tumisho K Masha -  Actor, Writer, Producer

Shaving regularly can really take it out on my skin and razor bumps are a real no-no on set. FINO Soothe puts the pleasure back in shaving and makes my skin feel good and look smooth

Hayley Newel -  Beauty by Laser, Johannesburg

I have been using FINO Soothe for the past few years in my day spa/salon. FINO Soothe really delivers on all its claims.
FINO Soothe calms the skin after a wax. It also assists with reducing break-outs after waxing and is excellent in reducing ingrown hairs on the bikini line, legs and even the face!
FINO Soothe is an ‘easy sell’ in our salon/day spa as the product results speaks for itself. I would highly recommend this product to all salon and spa owners.
Sincerely, Antoinette Pure Health & Beauty, Cape Town
In between laser treatments clients have to shave or use a hair removal cream to remove the hair at the surface, a lot of them tend to then get ingrown hairs.
FINO Soothe reduces the ingrowns as well as calms the skin. Clients used to get sores on their bikini line from picking at the ingrowns, after using FINO Soothe everyday there are no more sores nor ingrowns.
Our clients are extremely happy with the product!

Louren Choudree - Education Co-ordinator SAAHSP

I have been in the beauty industry for five years and have gained the respect of many friends and family members. I am proud to say that FINO Soothe has been an extremely popular product amongst my friends and my husband. You definitely have our support and I will continue to tell men about it. Thank you for the difference that you have made and will continue to make. Keep at it, and all the best

Rikki Brest -  SA Actress, Presenter

FINO Soothe is such a great product. It’s very soothing and takes away the redness after shaving! Thank you Adrienne

Elana Afrika -  ElanaAfrika.com

I hardly use skin creams, but I am a sucker for skin treatments. FINO Soothe balm for after hair removal is one of the best that I know of and the creator Adrienne Cohen is super too!

Angeline Boshoff - Make-up Artist

As a make-up artist on a daily television show, keeping the skin of the actors blemish free and in a good condition is a constant challenge. FINO Soothe MAN has honestly prevented the male actors from getting ingrown hair and razor bump & burn due to shaving every day. They even buy it for home use as well